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Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance

by Bill Counts, MBA | Aug 21, 2018 | long term care insurance, long term care insurance advisors, long-term care insurance

The problem

Individuals are living longer and subject to potentially catastrophic financial burdens for long-term care. Home health aide is $25 an hour. Assisted living averages $3,500 a month. Preferred facilities are $4,500 or more. Skilled nursing home care is $80,000 or more a year. These are today’s costs. The costs will double in 23-years at 3% inflation.

The hybrid solution

People are averse to paying for long-term care insurance that they may never use. Hybrids solve this problem. Life insurance or an annuity provide a base benefit. Funds not used pass to your beneficiary as a death benefit. The long-term care insurance provides tax-free benefits when the life insurance or annuity is exhausted.


Underwriting is more lenient than stand-alone/traditional LTCI. There is no medical exam. The typical process includes answers to medical questions, phone interview, and medical records if life insurance. Some products are written up to age 85. Joint policies are available for partners, some offering a discount.


You can use numerous asset sources to fund a hybrid long-term care insurance policy.

  • Bank account
  • Fixed index annuity
  • 401(k), 403(b)
  • Certificate of deposit
  • Variable annuity
  • IRA
  • Brokerage account
  • Annuity income
  • RMDs
  • Cash value life insurance
  • Health Savings Account

Next Step

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